Yogalates™ is an exercise system that fuses the intentions, the practices and the benefits of both yoga and pilates.

Yoga includes postures designed to stretch, strengthen and tone the muscles, increasing blood flow, improving circulation and promoting wellbeing of mind and body.

Pilates focuses on increasing strength and subtleness, targeting the muscles close to the skeleton and spine and creating good posture, core stability and muscle balance.

What happens in a Yogalates class?

Classes normally run for 90 minutes. In any Yogalates™ class, the emphasis is on a personalized, safe and effective approach modified as necessary to suit the client. Everybody is unique so individuals are encouraged to work at their pace and level. Exercises are customised with modifications and props including blocks, resistance bands and cushions. Rest is taken as needed.

Can everyone benefit from Yogalates?

Definitely! Yogalates™ is ideal for:


There are a number of options for classes:

Please contact me before arriving at these classes.

Package Type Note Price (Adult/Senior*)
Single Class Tuesdays 9.30-11.00 at Sivana Bliss, 17 Hillcrest Ave Port Macquarie $18/$15*
Pack of 10 Classes $150/$120*
Private Group For two people, add $10 per extra person $40/$30*
One on One 1 private session 45 min + 4 classes $115/$95*

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