The universe is full of magical things patiently waiting for our wits to grow sharper.
Eden Phillpots, English author, poet and dramatist


I truly believe that we live a life of abundance. But often we fail to appreciate the richness of each moment because it is just too difficult or scary to manage our personal energy stores and commit to growth or change.

With Life Path Coaching + Therapies you can become your best version of yourself, more clear-headed, confident, courageous and content. How? Consider any (or all!) of the following options I offer:


I use the GROWTH Coaching Model, which is a positive, action-oriented process focussed on unlocking your potential and maximising your performance. It is suitable for life coaching in the many areas of your life such as career, health or relationships.

Let’s work together to identify your GOALS, clarify your current REALITY, explore OPTIONS for moving toward achieving your dreams, choose the option you WILL pursue, and the actual TACTICS that will be used and identify the HABITS you have that will support your success.

Holistic Counselling

Counselling that takes into account the 'whole' person, body, mind, heart and spirit, and their lifestyle to help them achieve and maintain optimum health on every level. It is an integrated approach using a combination of conventional treatments and complementary therapies including:


Yogalates™ combines the best of two well-known forms of exercise. Yoga includes postures designed to stretch, strengthen and tone the muscles, increasing blood flow, improving circulation and promoting wellbeing of mind and body. Pilates focuses on increasing strength and subtleness, targeting the muscles close to the skeleton and spine and creating good posture, core stability and muscle balance. Learn about the principles for exercising safely and effectively as well as doing breath work and relaxation so you can become more focussed and committed to your goals.

Check out what options are available for my classes.


How about a retreat weekend on the beautiful NSW north coast where if you like, you can have coaching, complementary therapies, or a one-on-one Yogalates™ consultation? Relax, reflect on your current situation, reignite your passions and be reaffirmed that you are on the right path in your life journey. Various accommodation and activity packages are available for you to consider.


Perhaps you want to upskill yourself and/or your staff in improving performance, managing projects, developing productive teams and building leadership capacity. Talk with me about your individual or special group needs.